Our Mission

A heart based community of transformational leaders, contributing to an enlightened Europe.

The Association for Transformational Leaders – ATL Europe

was created to provide a space for open, transformational & respectful communication.

As a member you are free to share this space as we support and help each other in our own individual transformational contributions to the world. Whether you need support for your own transformational ourney, or you wish to reach out to other members and offer support and advice.

Let ATL Europe be your home, where you feel listened to and you in turn are open to ideas.
A space where you feel understood and seek understanding, where you love and have compassion with others and feel loved and surrounded with goodness, light, clarity and healing.

Looking forward to this New Journey Together!

We Meet Twice a Year

The Next Meetings:

21-24 of April 2022 in Split, Croatia

28-30 of October 2022, Location TBA

Online Events:

Our Next ATL Call

General Assembly:
5th of April, 8pm CET

May 12th 2022 8p.m. CET
June 15th 2022 8p.m. CET


Moving together in a new dimension

What happens when we get together?

Monthly conference calls:

Each month a different member of the group will chair this online meeting, bringing their own expertise and experience to share with the group useful and relevant information. It’s an open space to air you views, offer support and ask advice on the monthly topic and any area you wish to bring to the table
With a “circle” approach of everyone is listened to and heard this is a place for collaboration, creative and constructive conversations on how ATL can contribute to an enlightened Europe.
We invite you to come prepared to participate fully and openly.

Bi-Yearly Face to Face Meet-Up’s

Visit one of Europe’s many culturally diverse cities.
April 2022 in Split, Croatia.
A chance to meet existing members and greet new ones.
An organizational presentation of structural, financial & operational updates from the Board.
Combining the synergy of practical application and scientific theory for the experiential transformational processes we use.
Exchanging transformational processes, tools and techniques, a chance to focus on you, invigorate and re-focus your own energy. Sharing the story of our journey’s, successes and learning along the way.

What does being a member of ATL EUROPE
mean for you?

If your work is changing lives, you are of a giving natur and you love what you do. The question ist where do you go to recharge?

ATL Europe is the place fpr you to share your success and get the support that you need. A safe space fpr you to ask and share without judgegment, a place of a honest feedback and open communication.

You witness what is happening in your local community, schools and government across all areas in Europe and you wand to make a change. You know you can’t do this alone, ATL is that group you’re seeking to support and help you and in return the same for them.

What do you have to do?


You are required to attend our meetings online & in person

We have 2 intake dates:
1st October or 1st April

Membership fees

All fees must be paid to continue your membership:
Euro 249 € (first year)
Euro 498 € (from year two)

Are you ready?

You’re ready if you are already helping to change people’s lives, If you’re willing to give and receive support and you know that you are the right person to join a heart based community of transformational leaders, contributing to an enlightened Europe.

Your next step …

Please send us an email to admin@atl-europe.com and let us know who you are & what you do, attach a biography & add appropriate links to your website.

What our members are saying

ATL Europe Board Members

Antonia Daniek

Antonia Daniek

Board of Directors Member
Garry Jones

Garry Jones

Board of Directors Member
Monika Skyland

Monika Skyland

Board of Directors Member
Patrick Pype

Patrick Pype

Board of Directors Member
Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond

President of ATL Europe

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