Bindar Dosanjh

Bindar Dosanjh

ATL Member

Bindar Dosanjh is a multi-award winning property developer, property mentor, trainer and lawyer. An acclaimed international speaker who inspires thousands of people, mainly women each year on investment strategies for passive income to control their financial destiny to enable them to have more choices and freedom with her message of “If I can do it, so can you”.

From a strict traditional Indian family with very little money, she overcame many obstacles to become financially free with a property portfolio worth several million pounds.

As a property investing strategist mentor, she supports people by teaching the right ways to earn a passive income. She also acts as a connector between those who have investment funds, whether in the UK or Globally and those with property investing opportunities in providing a win-win situation.

Her award-winning networking group

and online community supports women who are or want to be property investors providing them the regular opportunity to come together as a community, to collaborate and learn.

She lives her mission every day as a property investing mentor, investing strategist and investment connector by empowering, educating, enlightening and enabling other women to achieve their goals. As she says, “you don’t have to be passionate about property investing, but you do have to be passionate about your life!”

Within the last 12 months, Bindar has also become a best selling author. Her book, Power Property Investing for Women, not only topped the Amazon best seller list but was also voted the Exceptional Book by a Female Author at the Business Book Awards 2019. Available here on Amazon