Florencia Andres

Florencia Andres

ATL Member

Florencia, together with her mother Veronica are the leading experts in coaching and motivation in Spanish speaking countries. Their four books have become bestsellers, published in many languages. They fill up large theatres with their motivational keynotes, promoted by Sony Music. They have published Confianza Total, Todo es Posible, Confianza Total Para tus Hijos, and Renuévate, which have sold over 400.000 copies, and have been translated to many languages.
Florencia and Veronica have been the first women in the last 40 years to win the “Gold Book Award” because of the impact of their books. They have been the first Spanish speaking teachers in Mindvalley, the biggest online platform for personal development courses.

They deliver high impact educational shows sponsored by Sony Music. They coach high performance sports teams, and help them reach their biggest goals like wining the Queens Cup of England, and the Open in Argentina. They are frequently hired by large companied to uplevel the performance of their teams.

They are members of the Transformational Leadership Council, founded by Jack Canfield, that brings together the leading experts in the field of human transformation. They are frequent guests to TV shows, and are very versatile communicators that appeal to all kinds of audiences. They deliver life changing online courses to people from all over the world.

They are very active on social media: they have almost half a million followers on facebook, more than 4 million visits to their youtube channel, over 80.000 followers on Instagram.

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