About ATL Europe


The non-profit Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe (ATL Europe) is a forum for individuals of significant influence in self-development, social media, academic, political, corporate, artistic, spiritual and humanitarian areas. ATL Europe members do transformational work in their respective fields of expertise. Our purpose is to get together with like-minded people, to initiate and ensure on-going connection and collaboratrion that strengthens our transformational leadership capabilities. ATL Europe supports us in contributing to an enlightened Europe.

ATL is open to high-functioning individuals that have been identified by their peers as having a history of facilitating transformation in their fields. Attendance is by invitation only.

ATL Europe has as a vision to be a heart based community of transformation leaders to bringing forth an Enlightened Europe.


The ATL Europe grew in response to an interest emerging from the success of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC). The TLC was founded in 2004 by Jack Canfield when he called a group of colleagues, composed of CEOs, trainers, facilitators, thought leaders, authors, movie producers, directors, and coaches together who were engaged in doing transformational work on the planet.

Marie Diamond, Founding member of TLC started the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe in 2012. Now we have over 40 active members from more than 10 different Countries in Europe and Israel. ATL Europe is a Belgian non profit organization.