38 Insights to Manifest
Your Best Life

Get Inspired to Transform Your Life By Top European Transformational Leaders. 38 transformational leaders share stories of their own personal transformational experiences with the reader. We offer these stories, lessons, insights, tools, and techniques to the reader to support the reader in their own life, and maybe even in their own personal transformation too.

What you get

 Be ready for transformation

38 authentic transformational leaders

As transformational leaders, we have all been through our own process of inner change. Some of us had to overcome deep fears, all sorts of abuse, a train accident, near death, bankruptcy, alcoholism, exhaustion, immune diseases, eating disorders, being bullied, divorce and much more. But through a process of transformation and being guided by transformational authors, teachers, coaches and mentors, we were lifted up and inspired to rise above all this.

38 Lessons

We share lessons, which could change your life: Lessons, which are easy to to in your daily life,  lessons, which will put you forward.


38 Life-Stories

We share our stories, making it or passing to share details of our transformation and even to make a living out of this. Two daughters of ATL Europe members launched ATL Juniors. These teenagers are also sharing transformational lessons in this book.


38 different topics

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We hope that this book will be a source of inspiration and that the lessons of transformation we experienced and are now sharing with you, will lift you up and enlighten you to make a difference in your life and your communities.

Transformation Lessons

38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life (English Edition)

€ 15,52

Our table of contents

What you can expect to read about in the book

  • Self-Love: What it is and what it isn’t
  • Vitality begins with you
  • Our time is now
  • Oozing juicy joy
  • Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life
  • Lessons from the lobster pot: Leeting go of success in order to succeed
  • Dare to be naked
  • The blossoming of a young woman with a passion
  • Form eating disorder and trauma to the strongest woman in croatia
  • Finding your soul purpose
  • Transformations for financial freedom
  • Women, wilderness, adventure
  • Breathing, rhythm, dissolving stress
  • How your software runs your life
  • How to change 500 lives
  • Transformation from the outside in
  • There is a rainbow in every thunderstorm
  • Pay attention
  • You matter
  • How to be happy
  • Life is happening for you, not against you
  • Through self-forgiveness to self-love and happiness
  • Consciousness@work: “As within, so without” … A transformation journey to fullfillment
  • A time to change
  • Simplicity of presence
  • Your financial mindset
  • Be crazy and brave – you were born to be alive!
  • Thank you, gratitude for saving my life
  • Seizing the opportunity of a lifetime
  • Unleash your leadership through opera
  • The power of your whole voice
  • Women have a different way of doing business form men. Why is their way so different?
  • Project heaven on earth: Creating and living our new human story
  • The art of the seven arts
  • The secret language of your symptoms
  • Inner peace is your truth
  • Happiness is an inside job
  • Mind your heart
  • Transformation Lessons

Transformation Lessons

38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life (English Edition)

€ 15,52