ATL Europe Membership Application Form


You were nominated to become a new member of the ATL Europe. This is an organisation of Transformational Leaders who are based in Europe.

ATL Europe is a heart-based community of transformational leaders, contributing to an enlightened Europe.

We have two meetings a year of 3 or 4 days each. They take place always on the last weekend of April and the last weekend of October. The current early bird meeting fee is € 398 plus accommodation and transportation, but might be a subject for change should the location be more expensive. The meeting fee covers lunch and dinner, as well as conference room and excursions.

Membership requires that you attend at least 1 of 3 meetings in person. Every meeting is held in a different European location.

We are happy that you are interested in joining us. Please share your details below, so that we can present them to the existing members to vote you in as a new member.

If you prefer to have a conversation with a member of the Board of Directors before you fill in the Application Form, please feel welcome to reach out by sending an email to and I will be very happy to arrange a zoom meeting.

Warm regards,

Garry Jones

ATL Europe, Board of Directors