Danijela Markovic

Danijela Markovic

ATL Member

I am the creator of the Harmony development program. I can help you to simplify life through four parts: Feng Shui, dowsing, space cleaning and meditation regardless of the circumstances.

Feng Shui, energetic arrangement of the space, helps you to harmonize the space in which you live and work. I teach and pass on to your knowledge that you can apply all your life wherever you live and whatever you do. Your skills will become understanding, recognition and use.

Dowsing is another form of energy work that I am doing, very powerful and precise. Dowsing rods are my tool that finds causes of problems. My clients are individuals, organizations and corporations. The essence is to transform the problem into positive changes, which are refer to success in business, love and environment, motivation and inspiration. Dowsing is an unavoidable way of my daily work, and when I discovered it, I changed myself and saved my life from constant stress.

I am a proud practitioner of the Space clearing technique, which refreshes, vitalizes the space and allows clients to breathe. One of the materials in the work are plants. I collect them in the mountains full of sun, because it is important to me to bring a breath of freshness from nature into the homes of my clients.

Meditation is energetic form which I use in work with my clients to connect higher levels and bring them better living. Meditation is also my daily practice and I am fully enjoying in energetic flows.

The Harmony development program helps you get to know yourself through inner peace, and find your hidden abilities and strengths right there. Harmony is the balance that is the basis of a healthy life in all segments of life.

I love poetry and that is why I create harmonious verses. I am the author of the book of poems "Wings of Angels".