Elvira Balderas

Elvira Balderas

ATL Member

Elvira Balderas is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Soul Coach. She is coauthor of Global Conscious Entrepreneurs.

She has helped people to unblocked themselves by connecting with their past life so they can stop attracting the blockage that has been obstructing them of creating a new experience, one they love. She has helped hundreds of people and has been teaching for more than ten years.

She teaches people to find their soul´s calling, to unlock different areas, such as mind, emotions, relationships, success, finances, sexual energy, self-love, spirituality, decode dreams. She loves teaching in Soul´s Academy 22, through intensive programs and therapies.

Elvira is from Mexico and currently lives in Spain. She is certified in ontological and team coaching, Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist with Paul McKenna, Emotional Integration, Spiritual Response Therapy, past-life research, subconscious reprogramming, soul fragment recovery, Opening & Clearing the Power of your Family Tree, Dream Decoding, among others.