Marie Delanote

Marie Delanote

ATL Member

Creative Producer, director and writer Marie Delanote, was born in the Flanders, Belgium, moved to the UK with her British husband and their children in the year 2011 and since 2020 lives with her family in County Sligo, Ireland.

Marie, being all about creativity, emotions, art and expression, studied Double bass at the Royal College of Music in Belgium and played in the orchestra of ‘De Munt’, Royal Opera House in Brussels. She stopped playing professionally when she decided to be a full-time mum to her four children.

Marie later started her writing career and published her first book ‘The Healing of the 1lb Baby’ in 2014, two years after her youngest daughter was born at 24 weeks pregnancy weighing just 500 grams. It is her spiritual diary, the power of the magical cooperation between medical and spiritual healing. Her second book and CD ‘Acorns to Great Oaks – Meditations for Children’, visualisation exercises for children, were published in 2017 by Findhorn Press, Inner Traditions. In a desire to help even more children, Marie wrote a 22 episodes animation TV series, ‘I Feel’ (working title), inspired by the meditations in her book, this was optioned by Tailored Films in Ireland. Her short film, drama, ‘The Boy and the Ladybird’ to bring awareness about Asperger's in boys, is in development with award winning director Ben S. Hyland and BAFTA crew member producer Adam Smith from ‘Hidden Art Films’.

Marie has been a practising energy reader and healer 'Mind-Witch' for 15 years and gives one-on-one distance sessions. She works only with the energy of crystals (ethereal crystals) and the mind.

Her latest film project The Rainbow Is Black is in funding stage. Marie uses storytelling to bring awareness and start conversation, about how severe depression is treated in the 21st century. Passionately wanting to bring positive change.