Marie Delanote

Marie Delanote

ATL Member

Transformational teacher, multi-award winning writer and entrepreneur Marie Delanote, was born in the Flanders, Belgium, moved to the UK with her British husband and their children in the year 2011 and since 2020 lives with her family in County Sligo, Ireland.

Marie studied Double bass at the Royal College of Music in Belgium and played in the orchestra of ‘De Munt’, Royal Opera House in Brussels. She stopped playing professionally when she decided to be a full-time mum to her four children.

Marie later started her writing career and is a published author with Findhorn Press, Inner Traditions. Her latest book is being released in October 2024 'Ethereal Crystal Healing - Create Your Life with the Frequencies of Stones'.

As an Ethereal Crystals Master, she helps people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of ethereal crystals; transforming energy between people, the physical body, mind, buildings, earth, past lives, and family circles. Her company Ethereal Crystals Global brings products into the world that supports people in raising their vibration and in its turn can transform their life.

Marie has been a practising energy reader, healer and transformational teacher for over 15 years, gives one-on-one distance sessions, and teaches the healers. She also trains athletes how to manage their mind and emotions to reach their highest success.

In a desire to bring transformation to even more people, Marie started writing screen plays and has won several awards on the way.