Mimi Van Mileghem

Mimi Van Mileghem

ATL Member

Mimi Van Mileghem (1960) studied Religious Science and Philosophy at the University of Leuven.

She co-authored textbooks for counselors on assertiveness, moral and spiritual development. She has developed workshops and trainings with efficient techniques to strengthen individuals and groups in their moral and spiritual integrity, in contact with their essence.

She is active as an integrity counselor in governmental and social care organizations, as a transpersonal NLP-coach and a spiritual therapist.

As an Inner Diamond Meditations master teacher, she is teaching Marie Diamonds strategy to enlightenment since 2005.

Mimi is a founding member of ATL Europe, and of Project Kernkracht, an initiative to stimulate an openness in academic environment towards the energetic dimension of reality. Mimi is a dedicated author, speaker, coach and trainer.