Miranda Christopher

Miranda Christopher

ATL Member

Miranda is a change expert, working with individuals, businesses and in our wider society to bring about transformational change.

From her long-standing corporate career as a transformation leader, Miranda now advises on gender equity and in particular the gender pay gap in business.

In 2014, Miranda experienced a life changing illness caused through stress which caused her to  burn out.  It brought about a shift in her understanding on why the business world has to move away from the traditional business model. The existing model that has unsuccessfully attempted to shoe-horn into it the needs of the working wife, mother, carer and giving her a reputation as “superwoman”, encouraging them to ‘have it all’.  It’s this model that led to the burnout Miranda experienced.

As a consequence of the burnout, Miranda started the MINERVA project researching the real needs of women in business.   She now works with women’s business groups helping them to re-define accepted ways of working and thus their definitions of success.

Miranda now runs her own business practice as a transformation leader, business growth mentor and experiential coach.