Monika Skyland

Monika Skyland

Board of Directors Member

Monika Skyland is an expert of inner transformation. She is quite an exceptional blend: Monika combines her practical entrepreneurial skills needed for running a successful educational enterprise with leading an awakened life and being a conscious parent. She is an intuitive guide and a spiritual mentor, who strives to live with “feet on Earth and heart in Heaven.”

She is an author of two international bestsellers: “1 Question That Can Change Your Life!” and the co-authored “Transformation Lessons”.

Monika has entrepreneurial experience of 20+ years and deep spiritual practice since she was 13. She is a modern mystic without a monastery, standing in the midst of life’s business, making a difference in people’s lives through her educational business on one hand and, on the other, through her seminars, workshops, programs, books and philanthropic activities.

One of Monika’s greatest passions is guiding people to a lasting transformation, so she founded Inner Strength Academy which offers courses on Self-Love & Self-Forgiveness, Self-Worth & Success, Management by Intuition, Conscious Parenting and Modern Spirituality,

She holds university degrees from the Western and Eastern Institutes: studied pedagogic and languages in the West and philosophy in the Far East. She is also a natural intuitive and a 6-sensory teacher trained internationally in Europe, India, and in the USA.