Sandra Laura Manuela Deakin

Sandra Laura Manuela Deakin

ATL Member

Sandra Deakin is a global inspirator, TV and radio journalist, presenter, public speaker, writer and teacher. She has British and Belgian nationality.

She started her own radio show when she was 14 years old.  Since then she has been a radio voice on different national and regional stations in Belgium. Sandra also produced and presented several television shows on the different regional televisions.

Her speciality has always been lifestyle and consciouse living. She has written 2 lifestyleguides.

Her first international online “Celebrate Her” about famous women living a more enlightened life reached half a million viewers. As a global teacher Sandra guides people from all ages worldwide how to live from their true essence and become a creator of their own life.

She also teaches people to speak with ease and deliver their message in the media with clarity and impact.

Her women’s circles open a gateway for women to rediscover their sensual and sexual power have been very successful worldwide.